Zombies to Rockstars: Emily Kinney’s New Video

The Walking Dead‘s Emily Kinney today released the video for her latest single, “Rockstar.” The video premiered exclusively on Entertainment Weekly and features Kinney, chilling out with her friends, singing a cute pop tune with an infectious hook.

Kinney’s sweetness, so obvious through her portrayal of Beth in TWD despite the zombies, is crystal clear in both the track and the video. For actors only known for one role, it can take time to recalibrate the audience’s understanding and framework for their new efforts. But “Rockstar” sounds like it could be Beth’s song – if she’d gotten in with a different crowd in middle school and lived a little bit closer to town.

The song itself is a mixed bag. It is instantly hummable and Kinney’s voice is beautiful in it. But you can see the seams of Kinney’s coolness showing. The effortless cool that comes with actually being a rockstar (and not just wanting to marry one) is missing and Kinney’s efforts to force relevance (I’ll send you unreleased TWD episodes! I’m Twitter verified!) are a little painful to hear.