TV Around the Web – January 10th, 2015

– We here at Wot4thW are split on our pick for the Best TV Mini-series or Movie Golden Globe: Kristin Marie wants True Detective and I prefer Fargo. With all the awesome casting news released this week (Patrick Wilson! Nick Offerman! Jean Smart!) about Fargo‘s second season, we recommend this interview by James Hibbard of EW with showrunner Noah Hawley.

– Masterchef Jr. is sweet, charming, and utterly watchable. The pint-sized contestants all profess to have been cooking since they were toddlers; Anna Silman interrogates the type of background – and parents – necessary to give kids the opportunity to accumulate that sort of experience in her post at Salon.

– If one restricted their television viewing to only “prestige” TV, one would miss out on some of the most entertaining, good quality shows out there. In Noel Murray’s excellent essay at the AV Club, he describes the rise of “mid-reputable” TV, a brand of television that includes shows that may not garner awards interest, but are skillfully made nonetheless.

– HBO’s new half-hour show Togetherness, which debuts on January 11th, features characters that wouldn’t be out of place in your neighborhood. Willa Paskin of Slate examines the rise of life-sized characters on prestige TV, who are carving out a space amongst the more epic heroes and villains.

– What kind of person does it take to shepherd the attention-hungry people with outsized personalities who end up as contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? Taffy Brodesser-Akner found out when she interviewed host Chris Harrison for this month’s issue of GQ.

– Last but not least, if you’ve ever wondered who exactly makes up the tiny group that selects the winners of the Golden Globes? Vulture has a complete list of biographies of the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.