TV Around the Web – September 21st, 2014

– If you haven’t seen Mom‘s Allison Janney and Anna Faris take on a modified American Ninja Warrior course on Ellen, you need to go watch RIGHT NOW. Allison Janney is a god.

– Casting news for fall TV comes fast and furious during the summer. If you need a refresher on who’s in and out of your favorite shows, check out TV Line‘s handy guide to hundreds of casting swaps.

– Let’s face it; the foundation of television is a collection of time-tested tropes. However, some of the newer trendy tics range from eye-rolling to infuriating. Andy Greenwald at Grantland takes on five of the most frustrating (although I beg to differ on ‘gentlemen’ – I use it all the time, but maybe I’m just annoying).

– Is prime-time finally a place safe for family viewing once again? Mary McNamara takes a look at this falls more inclusive slate of programming over at the LA Times.

– My television weak spot is reality cooking shows. I watch a shameful amount. Libby Hill from The A.V. Club grades a collection of competitive shows ranging from classic to cringeworthy.