TV Around the Web – January 3, 2015

– We all greet the New Year with optimism (or try to, anyway), eager to see the best in the coming year. But what if our expectations outweigh reality and it all falls apart? Jeff Jensen of EW embraces his pessimistic side by recounting five things that could go awry with television in 2015.

– From The Beatles on Ed Sullivan to Janet Jackson and the infamous nip-slip at Superbowl XXXVIII, live musical performances on television create buzzed-about moments with the power to stick in our memory long after most other entertainment has faded. Ross Miller at The Verge gives us his list of the thirteen best ones of 2014 – although, I do think it’s a crime that Imagine Dragons & Kendrick Lamar at the Grammys didn’t make the cut.

– Two weeks ago, we wrote about how ensemble shows should embrace more female gaze and male nudity in their storytelling. We gave a few examples, but over at Vulture, Margaret Lyons highlights the shows that have used female-centric sex to great effect.

– I would say I was sorry for trying to cram Black Mirror down everyone’s throats, but, well, I’m really not. It’s the type of show that worms its way into your skull, fusing with the neurons in your brain (in the spirit of the show itself), forcing you to become a fervent proselytizer. Josh Dzeiza of The Verge shares my problem, and writes about how he can’t stop comparing the show’s creepy artificial world with our very troubling real one.