TV Around the Web – January 24th, 2015

– We celebrated the start of Justified‘s final season with a goofy quiz about Raylan Givens’ spirit animal; over at Uproxx, they conducted a series of interviews with the show’s creators and stars resulting in this fantastic oral history of Justified.

– Before Bradley Cooper was a three-time Oscar nominee, before he was People’s Sexiest Man alive, he was just a guy trying to lead a TV sitcom roughly based on chef Anthony Bourdain’s life. The resulting Kitchen Confidential was just as much of a hot mess as you’re picturing it to be, but it was an entertaining hot mess with a fantastic cast. Fran Hoepfner looks back on the show’s single season for the A.V. Club’s “One Season Wonders, Weirdos, and Wannabes” series.

– John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight differs from other satirical news shows by delving into slightly less topical but more still crucially important topics. His amusing but still well-researched takes are actually inspiring change. Victor Luckerson explains which segments had the most impact over at

– From “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?” to “Sexting in Suburbia,” Lifetime made-for-TV movies are a species unto themselves, ripe for mockery and parody. Ever wonder why the Lifetime staple evolved the way it did? Emily Yahr delivers a comprehensive history of these films for the Washington Post.