TV Around the Web – December 27th, 2014

– Best of and worst of lists litter the internet like so many fleeting memories of the year that passed, but one of my favorites is Andy Greenwald’s list of ten underrated television performances of 2014 on Grantland. There’s not a dud in the bunch, and several of the actors listed turned up on our lists of standout summer performances and Golden Globe dreams.

– The youngest of the trio of Jonas brothers, Nick, turned in a surprisingly adept performance this fall in DirectTV’s original series, Kingdom. Alex Hawgood at the New York Times explains how Jonas embodies a new type of male sex symbol: straight, but completely inclusive of his substantial gay fan base.

– Did you know that Rankin/Bass studios produced far more Christmas TV specials than just the classic versions of Rudolph and Frosty? Well, Todd VanDerWerff from Vox watched and ranked them all so you don’t have to do so. (Although, I heartily disagree with The Year Without A Santa Christmas falling to number four.)

– To close out 2014, we’d like to call your attention to an piece by Emily Nussbaum of The New Yorker from way back in March, about the place of formalism in television critiques.