TV Around the Web – December 20th, 2014

– By the time you read this, the final show of The Colbert Report will have come and gone, but you should definitely still read the New York Times article by Bill Carter about the show’s impact & how difficult staying in character for eleven seasons must have been for Stephen Colbert.

– All rankings are arbitrary social constructs, but Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter finds a top 10 list to be particularly confining considering the embarrassment of riches among this year’s batch of serialized programming.

– In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Marco Polo star Lorenzo Richelmy claimed that he wants to make people “horny about history.” Once again, ‘people’ really just means ‘men who like women’ – see our response (nudity for everyone!) here.

– Over at Grantland, Hazel Cils wrote a brilliant article about the British anthology techno-thriller Black Mirror, and how it’s one of the best reflections of our contemporary anxieties involving technology. A must-read on a must-see show (now streaming on Netflix).