TV Around the Web – August 30, 2014

– Happy Labor Day Weekend! If you get sick of cookouts and outdoor festivities, you can bring the celebration indoors and binge-watch the excellent Party Down, which stars some of your favorite TV comedians and is now streaming its entire twenty episode run on Hulu Plus.

– Somehow, The A.V. Club frakking missed out on covering all but the final season of Battlestar Galactica when it actually aired, so they’re rectifying that oversight in their TV Club Classic coverage. Read Sonia Saraiya’s weekly recaps here.

– I love the 90s. You love the 90s. Everyone loves the 90s. To get you excited for our upcoming Flashback coverage on 1994, you should check out Richard Lawson’s piece on nostalgia in both The Simpsons and My So-Called Life over at Vanity Fair.

– In our recent Emmy coverage, we made no secret of our affection for Lizzy Caplan. If you aren’t on board with how utterly fantastic she is, maybe Eric Spitznagel’s New York Times Magazine interview with Caplan will get you there.

– Boo-hoo? More like boo-Who. (I like awful puns. Accept it.) Darren Franich at Entertainment Weekly, who (like us) is a relative newcomer to Doctor Who, calls Who the saddest show on television. I’d tend to agree; despite bouts of silliness and joy, sadness and loss is built into its premise.