TV Around the Web – August 23, 2014

– FXX is currently running a marathon of all of The Simpsons episodes in celebration of the network’s acquisition of its back catalog, but some viewers are unhappy over the sacrilegious altering of its original aspect ratio.

– John Oliver is a Writing on the 4th Wall favorite for both his humor and his choice of topics on Last Week Tonight. Check out The Atlantic‘s take on how his particular style spurns people to action.

– AMC is facing the completion of two of its marquee series (Breaking Bad and Mad Men) in quick succession. Kim Masters of The Hollywood Reporter looks at the potential pitfalls and benefits of the way it runs its development slate.

– We may be in a TV Golden Age, sure, but Variety‘s Brian Lowry explains why that doesn’t mean forgetting about the charms of the old-school television that paved the way.

– Sketch comedy is thriving over on Comedy Central, which is lucky enough to host to some of the best comic talent around today. Todd VanDerWerff highlights some of the network’s funniest offerings over on Vox.