TV Around the Web – August 16, 2014

– Robin Williams’ death from suicide earlier this week sent shock waves across the internet, inspiring dozens of tributes from those who knew and loved his work.Grantland‘s Alex Pappadamas’ excellent contribution focuses on some of Williams’ groundbreaking television work.

– Who doesn’t love Discovery’s Shark Week, amirite? Well, as it turns out, lots of scientists who study sharks. The Verge delves into how the network’s focus on speculation and pseudoscience dismays those who made sharks their life’s work.

Legends premiered on TNT this week to tepid reviews but general praise for Sean Bean’s starring turn that will presumably keep him alive for the entire series. In a Funny or Die video, Bean suggests that surviving may be a bit too much of an adjustment for him to handle.

– Some folks on Kickstarter are funding the finishing touches on a documentary about Korla Pandit, an ‘Indian’ organ player who fascinated audiences on Los Angeles’ KTLA TV station in the 1950s. Even if you don’t fund it, it’s worth a quick look for the story. (We swear we don’t know the people running the project!)