Timesuck: Visual Doctor Who Timelines

I’m a sucker for a good infographic. I know, I know. So many of them are awful. But this one – this is a thing of beauty. Calling it an infographic denies it credit for so much of its wonder. It is an interactive, visual display of amazing awesome-itude. It takes the complex stories of 50 years of Doctor Who and puts them in one image. No, seriously.

From here, you can view each Doctor’s timetable individually or related to any other Doctor. Clicking on a timeline brings up the episode name, the plot and the time “distance” travelled. Some timelines include video clips, others still images. It also compiles the total years travelled by all Doctors – an impressive 204,272,560,259,444. That’s over 204 trillion if you’re not fluent in high place value names.

When the Doctor returns on August 23, we’ll be writing weekly recaps of the show. Also coming are a primer for those who may be New to Who and a brief discussion of our own adventure through space and time.