Timesuck: Our Favorite TV Celeb Twitter Accounts

It’s Tuesday afternoon. All of the promise of productivity that was Monday has passed and maybe you’re in a haze after a particularly yummy lunch. Fear not! Writing on the 4th Wall is here to help you procrastinate! We present: our Favorite TV Celeb Twitter Accounts.

To go behind the scenes with the host with the most: Neil Patrick Harris

For nerdy fun and a good joke: Alan Tudyk

To feel like a 24-year-old (again for some of us): Sarah Hyland

For jokes and politics: Sarah Silverman

The adorable intersection of Hollywood and motherhood: Alyson Hannigan

To worship at the feet of a TV God: Joss Whedon

Upon review, this post is a bit heavy on the Whedonverse. Not sorry about it.

Go forth and procrastinate! Do you follow a particular TV star on Twitter that you’d recommend?