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Recap: Intruders, “Time Has Come Again” (1×03)

I think I’ve figured out what the biggest barrier preventing me from fully buying into Intruders is: I’m not invested in Amy and Jack’s marriage, and I don’t care about its potential dissolution. Dropping the viewer into the relationship at the moment of its disintegration (due to Amy’s possession-in-progress) was a ballsy choice, but the fragmentary flashbacks aren’t enough to give […]

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Recap: Intruders, “And Here…You Must Listen” (1×02)

If in the pilot Intruders demonstrated the complexity of its mythology, the second episode demonstrates the show’s proficiency at the most fundamental of genre conventions: the hunt. Wisely choosing to focus around two pursuits – Shepherd’s of Madison/Marcus and Jack’s of his wife Amy – we get some answers and some leads on the questions created in the pilot. Although […]

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