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A Real-Time Houdini Viewing Experience, Part 2

(Ed. note: This is Part 2 of Heather’s two-night, no-DVR viewing extravaganza of the History Channel’s Houdini. If you missed Part 1 yesterday, you can read it here. -KL) Neat fact: The first installment of Houdini attracted 3.7 million viewers on Monday night, which is better than any other miniseries on any station this year, thus far. Not bad for […]

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A Real-Time Houdini Viewing Experience, Part 1

(Ed. note: Today, we welcome the lovely and talented Heather Senz as our newest contributor. In what can only be described as our own version of hazing, her first assignment was to recap a dense two-part television movie event – The History Channel’s¬†Houdini – without the benefit of a DVR. Luckily, she’s fantastic and hilarious. Part 1, covering the first […]

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