Recap: The Walking Dead, “Remember” (5×12)

Trust is a rare commodity in the world that our survivors live in. Rick’s philosophy on this world framed tonight’s episode:

It’s all about survival – at any cost. People out there are looking for an angle. They’re always looking for your weakness, to measure you by what they can take from you, how they can use you to live.

Everyone’s jumpy as they walk through the gate. Darryl’s killing dinner on the way in the door, and Rick is already noticing that there are walkers just roaming around outside.

The gate closes behind the group and Rick schedules his first sit-down with Diana. She asks if he minds if she films their talk. I think it would have sounded less out of place if she’d asked to conduct the conversation only in pig latin or semaphore. The interview begins and Rick makes it clear that he’s wary of this place – and they should be too.

But Rick is not alone in doing questionable things to keep his group safe. “We have lost people and I’ve done things. I exiled three men who didn’t work out and that’s as good as killing them. But these families – they should be able to raise their children in a safe environment. I want you to help us survive. I know you can help us do that. It’s 3:37. It’s time to decide.”

Rick winds his watch, correct for the first time in god-knows-how-long. He tells her who he used to be.

The group is sticking around, at least for the short term, and has to turn in their weapons. They’re shown to their two houses. Empty picture frames, clean sheets and running fucking water greet them. Seriously, was the CDC the last time these guys had a hot shower?

Rick bathes, shaves and even has a haircut. Michonne has never seen his face and I can certainly barely recognize him.

Darryl’s interview cuts to the heart of their situation, “The boy and the baby deserve a roof; I guess.” But really Daryl, gutting the possum on the steps? Really? Darryl was never all that civilized when the world was still the world. This is going to be a very hard transition for him.

Oh my god, the baby has a crib. Michonne brushed her teeth for twenty minutes. She’s got a good feeling about this. Rick hopes she’s right.

Diana stops by. Everyone here has a job. Looks like the communists won after all. She’s just waiting on assignments for Darryl, Michonne and Rick. Carol’s for example, is preparing food for the elderly. Because Carol is AMAZING. She lies through her teeth during her interview, says she was a happy housewife, wants to join the Alexandria Junior League. The cardigan is just too much.

Look at Judith pimpin’ in her stroller! Everyone’s going to explore. Darryl’s going to stay. In an instant, Rick lost Carl and Judith – he’s freaking out and the hairdresser neighbor lady is quick to point out that they’re just around the corner. She invites Carl over to meet her son.

Carl has absolutely no idea how to deal with these people. It’s amazing. They play video games for god’s sake. He likes them but he knows that they’re weak. And he doesn’t want his family to get weak too.

Enid climbing the wall to leave. Carl sees her outside of his window and I think maybe falls a little in love. He’s tracking Enid but loses her in the woods.

Rick goes back for his blender gun and it’s gone. He has a handful of zombies on his tail. Hey Carl, how’s it going? Some nice father-son zombie slicing and bonding. Dad, share the rebar!

Supply run doesn’t go well with Doucheface, Diana’s son. They tied up a walker to torture it. Tries to kill everyone and Doucheface gets mad when our people kill it defending themselves. The line between animal and human is fuzzy in this world but the mercy or torture you show to walkers is a pretty clear cut line. Glenn is not amused and, after trying not to beat the crap out of this guy, is happy to knock him down.

Instead of being pissed that our group is fighting, Diana makes it very clear. These people are equal members of this community now. And she turns to Glenn specifically, “Thank you for knocking him on his ass.”

Diana asks Rick and Michonne to take the job of Constable. Sheriff Rick and Deputy Michonne! Yes!

Carol’s also worried about this place making them weak. But Rick is not worried. “We won’t get weak, it’s not in us anymore If they can’t make it, we’ll just take this place.” Rick no longer excludes himself from the bad guy list. He can’t, not when survival for his people is at stake.

All this season, we have been so focused on what the world has done to our group’s humanity. How it’s tugged at the edges and pulled at the frayed bits. Placed back into what can only be called civilization, how on earth are they going to be able to survive?

Odds & Ends

– Hairdresser’s husband is creepy as fuck.

– Darryl is not amused by this party.

  • Susan Cruickshank Mercier

    Did anyone else get a little excited when clean-shaven Rick said “if they can’t make it, we’ll just take this place?” No? Just me? I might have a thing for Evil Rick.