Recap: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “Windbreaker City” (2×15)

It’s great to see the Nine-Nine back in action tonight after a few weeks in a row away from the crime fighting. The team may not have been fighting real bad guys, but they were plenty badass.

After Jake shows up at the precinct with a box of Sophia’s things, Boyle knows he needs to do something. Jake needs to cathart! This may not be a word but I am totally on board with this usage. As Jeffords said, “Cathart all over the place!”

The Nine-Nine has been asked to participate in an anti-terrorism drill by the Department of Homeland Security. They’re all pumped to participate in a federal-level event. On their way out, the captain asks Rosa and Amy to decide which one of them will get Saturday off. Rosa has plans with her parents, who she doesn’t like. When Amy reminds her of this, she makes it clear. “Plans are plans. I’m a badass, not an anarchist.” Amy’s plans? She wants to go to a TED talk on power poses.

Windbreaker City refers to the variety of acronym’ed windbreakers gathered for the event. Jake speaks to one person at the even, who he quickly pisses off, and that person, is, of course, the one in charge. The Nine-Nine are now the hostages.

Terrorists have stormed the bank and taken hostages. But they took some really unruly hostages. When Jake’s not able to check his phone to see if Sophia has texted him, he insists that they all break out and take over the drill. So Jake and Boyle break out, leaving Jeffords behind to beg to be invited back again next year. They go, rescue the other half of the squad and decide to take over the whole thing. Amy and Rosa decide to settle the time off problem by body count. As all women should.

The Nine-Nine quickly overpower the terrorists and are getting ready to claim victory when Boyle sees Jake check his phone. An insufficient amount of catharting! So Boyle reminds Amy and Rosa that their body count is still tied, mentions that the DHS guys called Jeffords fat, and really just gave Jake an excuse to go shoot some people. So after killing the bad guys, the Nine-Nine becomes the bad guys.

They battle through everyone else. Rosa and Amy get pinned down, still tied. So Amy shoots Rosa in the chest. Because body count is body count. Boom. In the end, Jake’s too soft to pull the trigger on the annoying DHS guy and get’s caught by the old “gun taped to my back” trick. Classic.

But even without the full victory, Jake’s happy. He’s 20% less devastated than he was that morning. He catharted. He catharted hard.

Back at the precinct, Gina asks Captain Holt to take a personality test to help her with school and their results are identical. Holt can’t handle that and Gina is understandably offended. “Do you know how many basic bitches would kill to be in the same category as me?” Eventually Holt realizes that he’s being an ass and in recognition of Gina’s obvious leadership skills, expands her responsibilities. Oops.

It was nice to have an episode bringing the team back into action. That pace always brings the best out of our characters.

Odds & Ends

“With all due respect, I’m going to complete ignore everything you just said.”

“We’re not going to take it like sitting ducks. We’re going to take it like waddling ducks. Like freaking penguins!”

“Did she turn? Is she turning? Did she turn?”