Recap: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “The Wednesday Incident” (2×15)

Blamed for yet another internal crisis, Peralta must solve the problem or, if Gina gets her way, jump out a window.

Captain Holt is on the war path. He’s yelling about people’s half eaten food and pictures of their families on their desks (If you love someone, you’ll remember what they look like!). He’s cancelled overtime and the squad is pissed.

Holt’s been angry for a week – and the Nine-Nine blames Jake. In an attempt to celebrate his latest success, Jake popped a sparkling cider cork, hit the sprinkler and flooded the Captain’s office. Confident that he’s not the one to blame, Jake enlists Gina to help him find the truth behind the the Captain’s foul mood.

While Jake is looking into the Captain, Boyle has tracked down the culprit in a string of bank robberies – and he’s an octogenarian. For fun, the perp is playing with Boyle and has Santiago and Diaz convinced that he’s harmless. Boyle’s not having it. He’s a good cop and it’s time someone notices already. Before he can nail the perp to the wall in front of his colleagues though, he dies.

Jake and Gina visit the Captain’s husband Kevin to find out what’s really going on. But he left the house happy last Wednesday, so it’s not his home life. But Holt is anger-articulating so something is definitely wrong. Visits to the diner, art class and fencing only reveal that Holt complains about Peralta everywhere. And that the man must leave for work at 4am to get that much done before coming in in the morning.

Gina can’t take it any more, “Why don’t you just do the right thing and jump out a window?” But Jake isn’t giving up – and his tenacity pays off. After finding security tape of the Captain’s walk to work, he realizes the Captain was mugged. But he’s not angry because he’s embarrassed. He’s angry because he was lightly stabbed.

Jake tracks down one of the Captain’s muggers and brings the captain to his apartment to arrest him. The Captain admits that he was hurt and mad at himself for taking a stupid risk and acting like a 20 year old. He even thanked Peralta.

“Peralta, you’re a genius.” “You said it!” “I heard you practicing in the bathroom.”

Odds & Ends

– “Ooh Blast of Cold Air Coming out of that box.” “Name of Amy’s Sex Tape.”

– They handle Amy’s reaction to these perfectly. She’s annoyed but never a harpy.

– “Would you like me to skip like a school child?” Yep.

– “Is this a police precinct or a Turkish Bazaar?”

– Terry destroying the breakdancer was everything.

– 367 paintings of one rock! This guy parties!