Recap: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “Payback” (2×13)

This was a quiet viewing of Brooklyn Nine-Nine for me this evening. A stark contrast to any viewing with Mike, I watched it alone after Kirsten Leigh and I finished our Golden Globes Live Blog. The episode reinforced how far removed the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Comedy and Musical category is from the comedy that Brooklyn Nine-Nine delivers every week. The show is tight and consistent, and always funny but went unrecognized this year. It’s really a shame.

Our episode tonight, “Payback,” finds Jake asking for one too many loans for the snack machine from Terry. The Bank of Terry is officially closed. It seems that combined, Jake owes his friends well over $7,000. Jake, clearly unaware of the depth of his debts, is nonetheless surprised that Terry is suddenly calling them in.

Turns out, Terry’s wife is pregnant and Thrilled by this development, Jake empties his bank account to pay back half of his debt. But a precinct full of detectives is suspicious of his motives. To hide Terry’s news (and the reason for the payback), Jake is forced to offer to pay all of his friends back.

Despite successfully falling on the grenade of doing everyone’s dirty work – cleaning Rosa’s motorcycle, washing Boyle’s humping dogs, rubbing Scully’s butt – Jake still manages to spill the beans with the classic workplace reply-all fumble. An honest mistake and not an immature one, Jake apologizes again and even sells his beloved car to pay back what he owes.

Amy and Captain Holt are closing the loop on a case that he messed up years ago. Captain Holt has discovered the culprit and the two of them are on their way to catch the (octogenarian) bad guy. Amy is beside herself with joy at the idea of being the captain’s partner. They’re bonding in new ways: bad coffee and street meat. But something goes horribly wrong in the Captain Holt’s intestine. It’s a very private problem.

Amy is, reasonably, devastated both because she poisoned her boss and because she feared that this would forever taint her relationship with the man she has destined to be her mentor (without his consent). But in the end, Captain Holt reminds her that it is the trying times that bond partners, and besides, this is far better than the horse-kick in the nuts that bonded him and his old partner.

Odds & Ends

Random Perp, recommending a romantic date to Rosa: “You can go to the top of the Empire State Building… You can pee on the whole city from there.”

Captain Holt: “He was a great partner. Smart, loyal. Homophobic but not racist. That was pretty good in those days.”

Terry: “Are you crying?” Jake: “No, this is eyeball sweat.”

Boyle: “You can be my godfather, Jake.” Jake: “You’re older than me!”