Recap: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “Beach House” (2×12)

Even better than watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine with a giggly husband? Watching Kirsten Leigh and my sister watch my giggly husband watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Tonight’s episode, “Beach House,” didn’t disappoint, starting on a great note with a no-pants party in Captain Holt’s office. The squad is planning a weekend trip to Boyle’s beach house (he won access from Dec-Feb in his divorce) to decompress, drink and have fun.

The whole squad is excited for their trip. Terry is planning to “untether” from work-Terry (complete with fanny pack of awesome) and Gina wants to meet 6-drink Amy (the Amy that comes out after the loud, inappropriate, dance-y, overly-confident Amys). Jake goes to check out with Captain Holt and Holt explains that as a gay, black detective, he was excluded from social activities as a detective. Jake can’t help himself, he invites the captain to the party – much to the rest of the squad’s dismay.

You might be able to bring out Vacation-Terry but taking the work out of Captain Holt is much more difficult. He’s quickly draining the fun from the weekend so Jake devises a plan. Two parties, separate but equal. Wait… that doesn’t sound right.

Jake tries to make things work anyway – with a buttoned up party upstairs and quarters and shots downstairs. But Captain Holt discovers that the squad is trying to avoid him. He apologizes for ruining the fun – he understands that part of this weekend is escaping the boss.

Elsewhere, Rosa is learning how to flirt and text with the help of the ever-romantic Boyle. Stephanie Beatriz continues to bring nuance and humanity to what could be a one-dimensional character.

Jake won’t give up on Captain Holt joining in on the fun. He brings the “sad block of granite” back to the party and institutes a “Real Ray or Fake Ray” game where he recites quotes that the captain may or may not have said.

Jake: “Any smile that lasts longer than a second and a half is a con-man’s ruse.”

Captain Holt: “I said it. AND I MEANT IT.”

Odds & Ends 

– Scully and Hitchcock, unusually quiet to start the episode: “We don’t want to say anything that’ll get us uninvited.”

– “You call your ex-wife mommy?” “Not consciously…”

– “Of course I want to play with quarters, what am I, a monster?”