Odd Squad Saves the World – and You From Another Rerun

Looking for something new to catch with your kids this week? PBS is premiering a one-hour Odd Squad special, “Odd Squad Saves the World” today followed by a week of new episodes. The special will re-air on Friday, just in case you miss it today.

Odd Squad is a pleasantly non-cartoon series aimed at kids 5-8. (Can you tell I’m a little over-Thomas‘ed right now?) The show focuses on collaboration, math and problem-solving. But without Peg+Cat’s singing and “totally FREAKING OUT.

The show is produced by the Fred Rogers Company, which is always a badge of good quality in our house. The special is available on broadcast, through Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, on pbskids.org and through the PBS KIDS video app.

Odd Squad has the silly ethos of an old Square One and is worth giving a try if you can convince your kids not to watch the same episode of something else for the 1,000 time. If you figure out how to do that, will you let me know?