Fountain Abbey: Arthur’s Answer to Downton

Downton Abbey has spawned a hotel, fashion trends, and plenty of spoofs. Lord Hollywood made his debut at Downton this Christmas in George Clooney’s Text Santa video; Jimmy Fallon ran a whole series on Late Night with “Downton Sixbey“. But my favorite play on Downton Abbey has been, unquestionably, Sesame Street’s “Upside Downton Abbey” (especially because my son insists on trying to watch it on his head).

Sesame Street has spent years working parent-friendly content into their programming, knowing that parents watch almost as much as their kids do.

To that same end, PBS’s own Arthur is releasing a new Downton Abbey inspired episode on January 26, “Fountain Abbey.” The episode finds Arthur’s friend Muffy horrified to realize that her ancestors are not aristocracy but commoners. Together, the characters travel back in time to learn the story.

Lesli Rotenberg, General Manger, Children’s Media at PBS explains that the episode is meant for the whole family: “‘Fountain Abbey’ promises to delight not only children, but an entire generation of ARTHUR fans that grew up with the series and can appreciate the humor and fun of the DOWNTON ABBEY-inspired references.”

Arthur, based on the eponymous children’s book series written and illustrated by Marc Brown, debuted in the fall of 1996. It is a joint production of WGBH (Boston) and Cookie Jar Group.

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