Feed Your DVR: 9/21/14 to 9/27/14

Sunday, September 21st – The best show on network TV last season returns tonight. The Good Wife is back in session with “The Line” where Alicia contemplates a run for State’s Attorney and Diane is gunning to join Florrick-Agos. Although nobody can replace Will Gardner, Matthew Goode’s Finn Polmar offers a new kind of energy to our established core of characters. Can the show reach the same heights as last year? We’re excited to see. (CBS, 9pm, but watch out for football delays)

Monday, September 22nd – FOX’s buzziest new drama this year, Gotham, debuts paired with the network’s buzziest drama of last year, Sleepy Hollow, for a night of good battling evil. We already know how Detective Gordon will fair in the sort-of Batman preque, but the rise of Gotham’s underbelly looks to be a dark, wild ride. (8pm) Expect to see a shake-up in the Sleepy Hollow police precinct in Captain Irving’s absence, and some resolutions to the dire predicaments in which Ichabod, Abby, Jenny, and Katrina found themselves in the first season finale. (9pm)

Tuesday, September 23rd – Demonstrating how connected the Marvel film and television universe really is, it took Captain America: The Winter Soldier and H.Y.D.R.A.’s infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D. to kick Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. into high gear. But hot off its end-of-season turnaround and with a roster of high-powered new guest stars, this show has earned a firm spot on our DVRs. (ABC, 9pm)

Wednesday, September 24thSurvivor: San Juan del Sur returns the show to Nicaragua for its 29th season, once again making use of the Blood vs. Water concept, but with all new players in place of returning ones, and featuring the return of Exile Island. The show managed a creative resurgence in the past few cycles due to stellar casting; tune in to see if this new bunch of castaways can stack up. (CBS, 8pm)

Thursday, September 25th – Thursday night is ShondaLand on ABC, and all three of the writer/showrunner/producer’s premiere tonight. First, Grey’s Anatomy retuns for its eleventh season, with Meredith, Alex, Bailey, Richard, and Derek the only remaining original cast members. Meredith and Derek lock horns over whether or not they move to DC for Derek’s new presidential gig, while unknown to Meredith, her other secret half-sister (!) has joined the Grey-Sloan Memorial surgical staff. (8pm) Next on Scandal, the big question is: Where is Olivia Pope? Two months have passed since she boarded a plane and flew away with Jake; what will entice her to return? (9pm) Finally, How To Get Away With Murder sees Viola Davis take on the role of the brilliant yet ruthless criminal law professor Annalise Keating. Davis is magnetic in the role, but if that’s not enough for you, there’s also a juicy murder and some pretty young law students. (10pm)

Friday, September 26th – The other grande dame of reality competitions, The Amazing Race, kicks off its 25th season tonight. Dependably entertaining and family-friendly, the venerable show brings some amazing scenary straight to your living room. Plus, watching it will make you careful never to be an ‘Ugly American’ traveler again. (CBS, 8pm) If you’re in search of edgier fare, you can catch an airing of A.C.O.D. (Adult Children of Divorce) over on Starz, starring Parks and Recreation faves Adam Scott and Amy Poehler – it’s juts amusing enough for a Friday night in. (Starz, 9pm)

Saturday, September 27th – I’ll admit that Saturday Night Live has fallen from my must-see list in recent years, but I’m still planning on tuning in tonight for Chris Pratt’s debut hosting gig. If you’re a cool parent who lets the younger set watch, they’ll be pleased to see Ariana Grande as the musical guest. (NBC, 11:30pm)

Streaming Pick of the Week – Hands down, Transparent. It isn’t just our streaming pick, but one of our most anticipated shows of the fall. Critics peg Tambor as an early shoo-in for an Emmy nomination in 2015, but the rest of the cast rises to his level in one of the most nuanced fictional depictions of a trans person to date. Check out the trailer below. (Amazon Prime, all 10 episodes available on Friday, 9/26)

Also premiering this week: 60 Minutes (9/21, CBS, 8pm); Madame Secretary (9/21, CBS, 10pm); The Voice (9/22, NBC, 8pm); The Big Bang Theory (9/22, CBS, 8pm); Scorpion (9/22, CBS, 9pm); The Blacklist (9/22, NBC, 10pm); Forever (9/22, ABC, 10pm); Finding Your Roots with Henry Lewis (9/23, PBS, 8pm); NCIS (9/23, CBS, 8pm); NCIS: New Orleans (9/23, CBS, 9pm); Awkward (9/23, MTV, 10pm); Chicago Fire (9/23, NBC, 10pm); Person of Interest (9/23, CBS, 10pm); The Middle (9/24, ABC, 8pm); The Goldbergs (9/24, ABC, 8:30pm); Law & Order: SVU (9/24, NBC, 9pm); Modern Family (9/24, ABC, 9pm); black-ish (9/24, ABC, 9:30pm); Chicago P.D. (9/24, NBC, 10pm); Nashville (9/24, ABC, 10pm); South Park (9/24, Comedy Central, 10pm); Key & Peele (9/24, Comedy Central, 10:30pm); Bones (9/25, FOX, 8pm); Parenthood (9/25, NBC, 10pm); Shark Tank (9/26, ABC, 8pm); Dateline (9/26, NBC, 9pm); Hawaii Five-0 (9/26, CBS, 9pm); 20/20 (9/26, ABC, 10pm), Blue Bloods (9/26, CBS, 10pm); 48 Hours (9/27, CBS, 10pm)

Upcoming finales: Under the Dome (9/22, CBS, 10pm); Dallas (9/22, TNT, 10pm); Jersey Belle (9/22, Bravo, 10pm); Penn & Teller: Fool Us (9/24, CW, 8pm); American Grilled (9/24, Travel, 9pm); Big Brother (9/24, CBS, 9:30pm); Outlander (9/27, Starz, 9pm)