Feed Your DVR: 1/4/15 to 1/10/15

Sunday, January 4th – It’s 1924, and the changing times continue to perplex, amuse, and engage the inhabitants of Downton Abbey in turn. Season 5 begins tonight (in the US, at least – the season has already aired in the UK), with some of the most plodding plot lines of last season left pleasantly in the past. With an interesting group of newcomers to add intrigue to the lives of the Crowleys and their servants, the show may not reach its season 2 heights this year, but Kristin Marie stills finds plenty to enjoy. Read all about it in her weekly recaps. (PBS, 9pm)

Monday, January 5th – Morena Baccarin (Homeland), a certifiable geek-genre goddess, joins the cast of Gotham in tonight’s episode as Dr. Leslie Thompkins, a doctor at Arkham Asylum who becomes an ally of Jim Gordon, newly minted prison guard. With the veritable parade of current and future DC villains already populating the show, introducing another potent force for good is a wise move. If that force is in Baccarin’s capable hands, all’s the better. (FOX, 8pm)

Tuesday, January 6th – When Agent Peggy Carter made her first appearance in Marvel cinematic universe as Captain America’s main squeeze in Captain America: The First Avenger, she was a character with an expiration date, confined to a single film due to the need to get Cap back to the future. Fortunately, we have Marvel’s growing television empire to bring Hayley Atwell’s talented operative back to our screens. Marvel’s Agent Carter debuts tonight, a limited series intended to fill Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.‘s winter hiatus. Watch the two hour premiere, and then join us for Kirsten Leigh’s weekly recaps. (ABC, 8pm)

Wednesday, January 7thLook, any awards show whose nominees for Favorite New TV Drama include a de facto canceled entry (Constantine – apparently not favorite enough) doesn’t warrant a lot of respect. But the People’s Choice Awards – maybe more aptly titled the Publicist’s Choice Awards – is notorious for bold, ostentatious fashion choices. And hey, you can still vote here. May we suggest watching with the sound off? (CBS, 9pm)

Thursday, January 8th – SundanceTV continues its tradition of importing British television with tonight’s new entry, Babylon. James Nesbitt stars as Scotland Yard commissioner Richard Miller, and Brit Marling is the brash American PR rep brought in to revitalize the cash-strapped and image-challenged agency. Oscar winner Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) directed the pilot episode. Unlike many British shows, which are mired in propriety and manners, critics have appreciated this one’s “nasty” edge. If you liked Happy Valley, this one is probably for you. (SundanceTV, 10pm)

Friday, January 9thBanshee, the Cinemax series about a con-man turned small town sheriff, returns tonight for its third season. New enemies threaten Lucas Hood’s already not peaceful existence; will he manage to survive? (Cinemax, 10pm))

Saturday, January 10th – Starz continued its recent winning with this fall’s limited series The Missing, about a revived investigation into a British child’s disappearance in France eight years prior.The show has already been renewed for a second anthology-style season, but tonight wraps the first season’s harrowing story with this set of characters. If you missed the prior episodes, a marathon of the full season starts at 1:30pm. (Starz, 10:05pm)

Streaming Pick of the Week – We’ve ranted and raved about British export Black Mirror several times without explicitly telling you to watch it. So: watch it. Part old-school Twilight Zone thriller anthology, part of-the-moment parable about our technological fears, creator Charlie Booker crafts terrifying scenarios that may be just beyond feasibility, but not beyond our imagining. Each of the seven episodes (three in season 1, three in season 2, and a Christmas special) stands alone, so you can avoid the serialized television mega-binge – but you probably won’t want to do so. The first six hours are all available on Netflix now.

New Shows Debuting: Galavant (1/4, ABC, 8pm); Marvel’s Agent Carter (1/6, ABC, 8pm); Child Genius (1/6, Lifetime, 10pm); Empire (1/7, FOX, 9pm); Hindsight (1/7, VH1, 10pm); Donnie Loves Jenny (1/7, A&E, 10:30pm); Expedition Unknown (1/8, Travel, 9pm); Babylon (1/8, Sundance, 10pm); Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (1/9, WEtv, 9pm); All About Sex (1/10, TLC, 10pm)

Returning Series Premieres: Celebrity Apprentice 7 (1/4, NBC, 9pm); Downton Abbey (1/4, PBS, 9pm); Thicker Than Water (1/4, Bravo, 9pm); Sister Wives (1/4, TLC, 9pm); Antiques Roadshow (1/5, PBS, 8pm); The Bachelor (1/5, ABC, 8pm); Masterchef Junior (1/6, FOX, 8pm); Pretty Little Liars (1/6, ABC Family, 8pm); Switched at Birth (1/6, ABC Family, 9pm); The Haves and the Have Nots (1/6, OWN, 9pm); Cougar Town (1/6, TBS, 10:30pm); American Idol (1/7, FOX, 8pm); Love Thy Neighbor (1/7, OWN, 9pm); My 600-lb. Life (1/7, TLC, 9pm); Wahlburgers (1/7, A&E, 10pm); Nazi Mega Weapons (1/7, PBS, 10pm); Archer (1/8, FX, 10pm); Portlandia (1/8, IFC, 10pm); Cold Justice (1/9, TNT, 8pm); Glee (1/9, FOX, 8pm); Jessie (1/9, Disney, 8pm); Masters of Illusion (1/9, CW, 9:30pm); Banshee (1/9, Cinemax, 10pm); David Tutera’s CELEBrations (1/9, WEtv, 10pm); Comedy Bang! Bang! (1/9, IFC, 11pm)

Midseason Returns: Mulaney (1/4, FOX, 7pm); Madam Secretary (1/4, CBS, 8pm); The Simpsons (1/4, FOX, 8pm); Brooklyn Nine-Nine (1/4, FOX, 8:30pm); The Good Wife (1/4, CBS, 9pm); Resurrection (1/4, ABC, 9pm); Family Guy (1/4, FOX, 9pm); Bob’s Burgers (1/4, FOX, 9:30pm); CSI (1/4, CBS, 10pm); Revenge (1/4, ABC, 10pm); Gotham (1/5, FOX, 8pm); 2 Broke Girls (1/5, CBS, 8pm); Mike & Molly (1/5, CBS, 8:30pm); Scorpion (1/5, CBS, 9pm); Sleepy Hollow (1/5, FOX, 9pm); NCIS: LA (1/5, CBS, 10pm); State of Affairs (1/5, NBC, 10pm); NCIS (1/6, CBS, 8pm); NCIS: New Orleans (1/6, CBS, 9pm); Marry Me (1/6, NBC, 9pm); New Girl (1/6, FOX, 9pm); About a Boy (1/6, NBC, 9:30pm); The Mindy Project (1/6, FOX, 9:30pm); Chicago Fire (1/6, NBC, 10pm); Forever (1/6, ABC, 10pm); Person of Interest (1/6, CBS, 10pm); The Mentalist (1/7, CBS, 8pm); The Mysteries of Laura (1/7, NBC, 8pm); The Middle (1/7, ABC, 8pm); The Goldbergs (1/7, ABC, 8:30pm); Law & Order: SVU (1/7, NBC, 9pm); Modern Family (1/7, ABC, 9pm); black-ish (1/7, ABC, 9:30pm); Duck Dynasty (1/7, A&E, 9:30pm); American Horror Story: Freak Show (1/7, FX, 10pm); Chicago PD (1/7, NBC, 10pm); Big Bang Theory (1/8, CBS, 8pm); Mom (1/8, CBS, 8:30pm); Two and a Half Men (1/8, CBS, 9pm); The McCarthys (1/8, CBS, 9:30pm); Elementary (1/8, CBS, 10pm); Parenthood (1/8, NBC, 10pm); Hart of Dixie (1/9, CW, 8pm); Last Man Standing (1/9, ABC, 8pm); Cristela (1/9, ABC, 8:30pm); Girl Meets World (1/9, Disney, 8:30pm); Shark Tank (1/9, ABC, 9pm); Ghost Adventures (1/10, Travel, 9pm)

Upcoming Finales: The Missing (1/10, Starz, 9pm)