Feed Your DVR: 1/18/15 to 1/24/15

Sunday, January 18th I’m letting my New Hampshire shine through on this one: everyone should watch tonight at 6:40pm on CBS as the Indianapolis Colts visit Gillette Stadium to take on the New England Patriots for the AFC Championship title and a berth in Super Bowl XLIX. In an effort to maintain a modicum of professionalism, I suggest that you all stay tuned after the game for an all-new episode of Scorpion on a special night and time. (CBS, 6:40pm)

Monday, January 19thTonight is the debut of former Daily Show “Senior Black Correspondant” Larry Wilmore’s new gig helming The Nightly Show on Comedy Central. Formerly titled The Minority Report (silly copyright laws), Wilmore will lead a talented panel of correspondents in the time slot recently vacated by the moving-on-up Stephen Colbert. Comedy Central’s been a leader in featuring diversity in the comedic world; The Nightly Show is another welcome advance in late night television. (Comedy Central, 11:30pm)

Tuesday, January 20th – It all comes down to Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder. In the end, the showdown between Harlan County’s two alpha males lurking on opposite ends of the law is what’s kept us watching for five years. The sixth and final season begins tonight, we’ll see once and for all if anyone can ever leave Harlan alive. (FX, 10pm)

Wednesday, January 21st Arrow‘s midseason finale was an emotional, action packed hour of television. With Oliver Queen presumed dead, the rest of the Arrow crew try to band together to fill the void he leaves in Starling City. How are they fairing? Not well, if this teaser is to be believed. (The CW, 8pm)

Thursday, January 22nd By now, if you watch anything on Fox, you’ve heard Rainn Wilson utter the phrase, “I’m a rat-faced podiatrist” more times than you care to count. That said, we’re optimistic about Backstrom, the new midseason dramedy starring the former Office star as an irascible detective in Portland’s Special Crimes Unit. The northwestern setting, used to such good effect in Grimm, is a promising site for this investigative series based on a series of Swedish crime novels. (Fox, 9pm)

Friday, January 23rd Speaking of Grimm, tonight’s new episode sees Nick and the gang have to come together to find and rescue Monroe from the Wesenrein. There’s no way they can possibly remove the big, fuzzy, vegetarian heart of the show, right? (NBC, 9pm)

Saturday, January 24th – Black Sails takes to the seas for a second season filled with treasure hunting, sex, and colonial politics. (And I thought I’d never use my PhD minor field in Atlantic World History for anything!) We generally liked the first season with reservations, this season promises to up the action quotient with Captain Flint’s confrontations with the Spanish Army (and troubling secrets from his naval past) and do a better job bringing Eleanor into the action. (Starz, 9pm)

Streaming Pick of the Week – This week, we suggest that you catch up on the best show ignored by all the awards: The Americans. A series with a concept that could have easily turned into a disastrous joke – embedded KGB spies operating under the noses of the FBI – ended up being a challenging and sophisticated look at loyalty, marriage, and the personal implications of international espionage. Plus, it has the best wigs on television, hands down. The third season comes to FX next week, but all 26 episodes of seasons one and two are available for streaming on Amazon Prime. Watch the season three trailer below.

New Shows Debuting: K.C. Undercover (1/18, Disney, 8:30pm); Grantchester (1/18, PBS, 10pm); The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore (1/19, Comedy Central, 11:30pm); Open Heart (1/20, Teen Nick, 9pm); This is Not Happening (1/22, Comedy Central, 12:30am); Backstrom (1/22, FOX, 9pm); Nightwatch (1/22, A&E, 10pm); Love, Lust or Run (1/23, TLC, 9pm)

Returning Series Premieres: Austin & Ally (1/18, Disney, 8pm); Justified (1/20, FX, 10pm); Black Sails (1/24, Starz, 9pm)

Midseason Returns: The Fosters (1/19, ABC Family, 8pm); The Originals (1/19, The CW, 8pm); Chasing Life (1/18, ABC Family, 9pm); Jane the Virgin (1/18, The CW, 9pm); The Flash (1/20, The CW, 8pm); Supernatural (1/20, The CW, 9pm); Arrow (1/21, The CW, 8pm); The 100 (1/21, The CW, 9pm); The Vampire Diaries (1/22, The CW, 8pm); Reign (1/22, The CW, 9pm)

Upcoming Finales: The Librarians (1/18, TNT, 9pm); Major Crimes (1/19, TNT, 9pm); American Horror Story: Freak Show (1/21, FX, 10pm); Bad Judge (1/22, NBC, 9pm); A to Z (1/22, NBC, 9:30pm)