Feed Your DVR: 1/11/15 to 1/17/15

Sunday, January 11th – Normally we’d be directing you towards the plethora of returning shows on HBO and Showtime, but c’mon – snarking at awards shows is more fun, so you should watch the 72nd Annual Golden Globes and join us for our live blog. Our coverage starts at 6pm with E!’s Live From the Red Carpet and will continue straight into the actual ceremony, which begins at 8pm on NBC. We’ve already told you who we think should have been nominated and who should (and will) win; now, see how we react when our favorites inevitable get passed over. Plus, it’s a rare chance to hear us talk about film!

Monday, January 12th – Evolution of a Criminal, the latest in PBS’ Independent Lens series of films, is a powerful look at the history and background of a group of Texas high schoolers who committed a bank robbery. The novelty lies in the fact that documentarian Darius Clarke Monroe was one of the participants in the robbery who subsequently went on to earn an MFA from the Tisch School of the Arts. The film is billed as laying at “the intersection of documentary, true crime, and personal essay” and fits in with the current trend of examining multiple perspectives on a single, real crime, as exemplified by the Serial podcast. Watch the hauntingly silent trailer and catch the full film tonight. (PBS, 10pm)

Tuesday, January 13th – Go back to the future when Parks and Recreation returns for its seventh and final season. The season six finale jumped forward three years to 2017, with Leslie Knope heading up the Midwestern branch of the National Parks Service, now located on the newly renovated third floor of the Pawnee City Hall. Read this interview with executive producer Michael Schur to refresh your memories, and then settle in for the beginning of the end for your favorite group of civil servants. (NBC, 8pm)

Wednesday, January 14th – Broad City is not the type of half-hour comedy that garners attention during awards season. It’s too raunchy, too irreverent, too filled with plotlines about bodily functions to appeal to a wide audience. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the funniest shows on television. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer return for the second season of the NYC-centric show filled with an amazing roster of guest stars. While the pair’s charming slacker-stoner humor is always sharp, it’s the ladies’ unbreakable BFF bond that sets it apart from the pack. (Comedy Central, 10:30pm)

Thursday, January 15th – If you can stream video at work, we suggest that you tune into the live stream of the Oscar nominations at 8:30am EST (5:30am PST). This year, the Academy breaks from tradition and the nominees for all 24 categories will be read live. Directors J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuarón will deliver the good news first to the behind-the-scenes contenders, while actor Chris Pine and Academy president Cheryl Boone Issacs will announce the marquee awards afterwards.

Friday, January 16th12 Monkeys, Terry Gilliam’s time-traveling, genre-defying 1995 thriller, gets a series reboot on Syfy. Although still focused on Cole, a man tortured by his past, who travels back in time to stop a worldwide pandemic before it starts, the show has its own interpretation of the characters and central mystery in order to avoid unfavorable comparisons with memorable turns by Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt. Syfy has repeatedly stressed its desire to return to its actual sci-fi (and less Sharknado-y roots); a series such as this one might just be the way. (Syfy, 9pm)

Saturday, January 17th Whitney Houston is the latest in the series of iconic figures to get the biopic treatment by Lifetime, and if the network’s track record is any indication, fans of the singer would be justified to be worried. However, Whitney director Angela Bassett is not only an admirer of Houston, but also knew her personally. Bassett has promised that the movie doesn’t focus on the more salacious elements of Houston’s life, and if this is indeed the case, then the worst that the film could be is boring. (Lifetime, 8pm)

Streaming Pick of the Week The second season of the chilling BBC Two drama The Fall arrives on Netflix on 1/16 with six episodes of some of the best slow burn TV on the air. The cat-and-mouse detective thriller stars Gillian Anderson (The X-Files) as a Belfast detective supervisor stalking a serial killer, played by Jamie Dornan (soon to be twisting knickers everywhere in 50 Shades of Gray). The series’ deliberate pace allows creator Alan Cubitt to delve into the multiplicity of ways that darkness can manifest in anyone. All five episodes of the first season are also available to stream.

New Shows Debuting: Togetherness (1/11, HBO, 9:30pm); Eye Candy (1/12, MTV, 10pm); Wrestling with Death (1/13, WGN, 10pm); Hotel Showdown (1/13, Travel, 10pm); Snoop & Son: A Dad’s Dream (1/14, ESPN, 7pm); Rock This Boat (1/14, Pop, 8pm); It’s a Mann’s World (1/14, BET, 9pm); The Story Behind (1/14, Pop, 9pm);Man Seeking Woman (1/14, FXX, 10:30pm); The Adventures of Puss in Boots (1/16, Netflix); World’s Funniest Fails (1/16, FOX, 8pm); 12 Monkeys (1/16, Syfy, 9pm);

Returning Series Premieres: Girls (1/11, HBO, 9pm); Shameless (1/11, Showtime, 9pm); Looking (1/11, HBO, 10pm); House of Lies (1/11, Showtime, 10pm); Episodes (1/11, Showtime, 10:30pm); Parks and Recreation (1/13, NBC, 8pm); Genealogy Roadshow (1/13, PBS, 8pm); Face Off (1/13, Syfy, 9pm); Kroll Show (1/13, Comedy Central, 10:30pm);  Melissa & Joey (1/14, ABC Family, 8pm); Baby Daddy (1/14, ABC Family, 8:30pm); It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (1/14, FXX, 10pm); The Game (1/14, BET, 10pm); Workaholics (1/14, Comedy Central, 10pm); Broad City (1/14, Comedy Central, 10:30pm); Glee (1/16, FOX, 9pm); Helix (1/16, Syfy, 10pm); The Musketeers (1/17, BBC America, 9pm)

Midseason Returns: Castle (1/12, ABC, 10pm); Criminal Minds (1/14, CBS, 9pm); Stalker (1/14, CBS, 10pm); Constantine (1/16, NBC, 8pm); Grimm (1/16, NBC, 9pm); Saturday Night Live (1/17, NBC, 11:30pm)

Upcoming Finales: Hotel Impossible (1/13, Travel, 9pm); Web Therapy (1/14, Showtime, 11pm)