Frequently (well, occasionally) Asked Questions

Why only television? Do you hate movies?
No! We think movies are swell too, and really, the boundary between the two mediums is swiftly eroding. However, it’s a matter of focus for us; we’d rather do one thing REALLY well, and we think the best opportunity for that right now is in covering television. There are already a lot of great, in-depth sites out there that specialize in film.

That being said, we aren’t ruling out the possibility of expanding in the future!

Are you a part of some big media conglomerate?
Nope. We are as independent as independent can be. Kirsten & Kristin started this thing together and run it themselves. Why – did you want to make an offer to buy us out?

Will you pay me to write for your site?
Right now, probably not. But, if you want us to keep you in mind for future expansion, please see here.

Will you accept my suggestion/feedback/unsolicited advice?
Yes! We welcome it all! Feel free to contact us through Twitter, Facebook, or our contact form here on the site.

Are you ever going to get over Enlisted getting canceled?