Emmys: What To Expect From Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers cannot sing and he cannot dance. He is no Neil Patrick Harris and he wants everyone to understand that.

He is not the vaudeville showman. But what Meyers is, and certainly what we all hope he will be come Emmy Night, is a good comedian and a fantastic writer.

This year’s Emmys telecast is not Meyers’ first gig hosting, nor his first gig as an emcee. He does, after all, have his own talk show. And he has hosted the ESPY’s twice and theWhite House Correspondents’ Dinner to great success. If your hope is for a pile of jokes – Seth Meyers is your guy.

Watching Meyers transition from the Weekend Update Desk on SNL to his own Late Night With Seth Meyers was rocky but ultimately fulfilling. While his first week of monologues sounded like he was reading from the Update Desk, he has significantly improved. The jokes are routinely funny and his delivery – still deadpan, still condescending in the best possible way – continues to get better. As he himself said, he grows more comfortable as a host with each passing day. And it shows.

A Meyers-led Emmys will bear little resemblance to an NPH-led Emmys. But for such a showman, NPH’s Emmys were kind of a bummer. Last year’s show took a break from awards six times to recognize deceased stars, in addition to the traditional In Memoriam. Earlier this summer, Meyers promised an upbeat ceremony – despite it being light on song and dance. But with Robin Williams’ recent passing, it’s difficult to imagine the Emmys will not fall victim once again to an overly maudlin tone. I’d like to think Meyers can handle the balance of tribute and grief, remembrance and joy, that Williams most certainly deserves. I’d like to think that. We’ll just have to wait and see.