Does Watching British TV Prepare You For the UK Citizenship Test? (No.)

I derive mild, passing enjoyment from taking quizzes based on tests designed for people who have actually studied for them – the US citizenship test (passed), the driving test (passed but only because they didn’t test my actual driving), 5th grade geography tests (embarrassing…). So why not see how close I could get to UK citizenship? Despite being American, I watch enough British TV. Certainly that should suffice, right?

Disclaimer: I spent a semester in London in college. But unless this quiz includes questions about getting discount theater tickets or being mistaken for a homeless person at a bus shelter, my time in London will not be particularly valuable to this endeavor.

BC 01

Thank you, Tudors.

BC 02

Doctor Who’s coverage of modern electoral politics is rather vague on timelines because… wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

BC 03

This one was Mary Poppins; I’ll be honest.

BC 04

The Battle of Bosworth is shockingly underrepresented in modern TV.

BC 05

I’m starting to think this might have been a bad idea.

BC 06

If you’d asked me where to hide an invisible space ship near Big Ben, I’d totally have gotten that one.

BC 07

Maybe Downton Abbey will cover this in the upcoming season.

BC 08

Really? So, wait. They just didn’t check?

BC 09

No mention of this in Call the Midwife

BC 10

Well, sure. But I wasn’t prepared for a trick question. And I bet some people only make it two seconds… This just made me think of the end of Doctor Who’s “The Family of Blood.” Sniffle.

BC 11

I actually just knew that. Sometimes I do read things about topics outside of television.

BC 12

Or the Doctor just whispers that the Prime Minister is looking a little tired.

BC 13

I learned this from The Escape Artist, starring David Tennant. Well worth a watch on Masterpiece Mystery the next time you find it. Tennant is, as you would expect, outstanding.


BC results

Thanks for the encouragement, BuzzFeed. I feel pretty good with my results, considering my answers were mostly based on fictional sources.