Coming Soon: Legends

Summer TV doesn’t generally get a lot of buzz. Summer TV on basic cable, even less so. But if you’ve heard anyone talk about TNT’s Legends, premiering tomorrow, it was probably to express concern for Sean Bean’s life expectancy.

While following #DontKillSeanBean has been good for a few laughs, let’s be honest. Casting Sean Bean was a coupe for TNT. Even if George R.R. Martin himself decided to take over script writing for this show (because we all know his commitment to writing his damn books), the network still wouldn’t let Bean’s character come into more than a cliffhanger’s worth of danger.

So, reasonably expecting to see Bean each week, should we bother tune in? The extended first look below is a bit of a mixed bag. Bean stars as deep cover agent Martin Odum who returns to the FBI after an assignment infiltrating a domestic terrorist organization. The clip covers many familiar themes: the talk-while-standing-around-a-desk banter of NCIS; the accent changes and IT believability of Alias; the exposition-as-dialogue of just about every pilot ever; and Ali Larter playing Kari Matchett playing Joan Campbell on Covert Affairs.

I liked watching Bean sink into his cover character; the acting is compelling despite being surrounded by a number of heavy cliches. I’m generally a fan of spy-based TV so I’m open minded and willing to give it a try.

Anyone else tuning in tomorrow? Other than to check to see if Bean’s character has a pulse at the end of Season 1?