Character Quiz: Where Should Sookie Stackhouse Spend a Year Abroad?

A feature in which television characters take a BuzzFeed (or similar) quiz.

True Blood finishes up its seven-year run this month, and I think everyone can agree that the best thing that Sookie Stackhouse, its half-fairy heroine, could do after its conclusion is get the hell out of Bon Temps. (Both for her sake and for that of those around her.) So, if Sookie was to set off on a voyage of self-discovery, where should she go? We turn to BuzzFeed’s “Where Should You Spend a Year Abroad?” quiz to help her decide.

1. Why do you want to get away?9efefc_67b12d17a18a4238be287cededc86194

Sookie’s fairy abilities mean that she’s constantly hearing people’s thoughts in her head. And, since those thoughts are often unkind (sometimes deservedly so), no doubt she’s rather escape them for a while.

2. Pick an activity9efefc_6331aded66874de0adffce653deaf9e0

Ah, the days when Sookie had free time before she got mired in all the misery of having super-hot vampire boyfriends. Sookie’s never given much interest in cultural matters, so here we’re going to have to go with the one activity that we have seen her do: sunbathe.

3. Pick an apartment.9efefc_667217701cbd44e5a60f6ceb33e69425

None of these stylish pads really fit Sookie’s old fashioned aesthetic, inherited from her grandmother, but the closest is this very blue one in the bottom right.

4. What’s wrong with your life right now?9efefc_d21666824d324213b266da35a03a1b55

Clear winner here. Bon Temps is such a supernatural hellmouth that there’s no way Sookie could avoid having a skewed perception of the world. Also, she’s really annoying, so she could use a little more perspective on herself.

5. What could you eat a lot of?9efefc_369dd52c70cd47f5a19d77654130cbaf

Have we ever seen Sookie eat? No? (Understandable with all the nekkedness, I guess.) Well, she probably got a whole lot of free meals from Merlotte’s back when she actually showed up for work, so diner breakfast it is.

6. Say you have a year to raise $ before you leave. How much can you save?9efefc_7915e435cc3f4be880bf0530dfa9740e

Sookie has the love and adoration of a bunch of rich, ancient vampires. Money is no object here. Failing their help, I bet Bon Temps would take up a collection to get her out of town for a while. $40,000 should be no problem.

7. What article of clothing are you definitely bringing with you?9efefc_c532ff1081104103892cd0180f09fab9

Sookie would absolutely keep her Southern, sexy-good-girl style abroad; since the girl doesn’t seem to own much in the way of pants, short-shorts it is.

8. Which book appeals to you?9efefc_77d4b1e8bf384fb08edfc5cb1e519776

Er, Sookie isn’t a big reader (True Blood is not one of those shows sprinkled with literary references), but the romance of a woman torn between multiple men in A Room With A View would probably hit home for Sookie.

9. Pick a place to chill for a weekend mini-trip.9efefc_0add868c5f8a46b1b854258208ea6df5

A bright, sunny beach with no vampires in sight is just what Sookie needs. So where is she heading?


Australia! Just about as far away from Bon Temps as you can get without heading to outer space (and incidently, the real-life birthplace of Ryan Kwanten, the actor who plays her brother Jason). No doubt Sookie would make a pretty naive tourist, so it’s probably a good idea to send her off somewhere where she speaks the language. Regardless, there most likely won’t be many tears shed in Bon Temps when she leaves.