Character Quiz: Does Ichabod Crane Have What It Takes to Be 007?

A feature in which television characters take a BuzzFeed (or similar) quiz.

I recently spent *cough* days marathoning Sleepy Hollow ahead of its season premiere tonight at 9:00pm on Fox. As a result, I’ve had the heroes of that small town on my mind.  When I came across Zimbio’s “Do You Have What It Takes to Be 007?” I couldn’t help myself from seeing how our 18th century hero compared to the great spy. He certainly has what it takes to fight the forces of evil, but could Crane, Ichabod Crane, defeat a Bond villain?




This was an easy one. Ichabod doesn’t exactly roll off the modern tongue. His partner Lt. Abbie Mills and everyone else around him call him solely by his surname “Crane.”



Crane’s undying (and undead, I suppose) love for his wife Katrina was his driving motivation throughout the first season. With them finally in the same plane of existence, it will be wonderful to see that relationship play out.



While Crane has done a remarkable job of adapting to 21st century life (he even has a smartphone), he is still quite particular about the things he does and does not like. One look at his insistence on wearing the same outfit he was buried in gives that away.



Most of our modern holiday traditions elude Crane – and for the past 230ish Christmases, he’s been 6-feet under. Abbie gave him his first Christmas stocking last season.



10 years ago? Try 233. And when that set was getting particularly ripe, Crane discovered that reenactment enthusiasts offered him a healthy supply of outfits just like it.



There are many things Crane doesn’t know – what the Internet is, how GPS works – but he is very confident in his ability to figure things out and can more than handle his own against the forces of evil.



I think Crane would have found this question as annoying as I did.



While he has likely never worn a bowtie, and certainly not a tuxedo, Ichabod Crane is definitely James Bond material. Where he deviates from Bond – his deep love for his wife – he more than makes up for in quick wit and a dedication to tracking down the bad guy.