Character Quiz: Alicia Florrick

The Good Wife comes back from winter hiatus on Sunday and with it brings one of the best developed, nuanced characters on television: Alicia Florrick. While Alicia is one of many in a season full of amazing women on television (see: The Americans, Masters of Sex, The Affair…), the character stands out for her humanity, nuanced flaws and unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Alicia has spent the past six seasons feeling her way through the shifting roles of wife, mother, lawyer, partner, girlfriend, friend, and daughter. She is, at times, deeply traditional. She stood by her man and still does, at least in public. She distrusts social media, and most of the Internet. Despite that, Alicia is quite modern. She returned to the workplace as a “single mother” when her husband went to jail. She has little patience for the patriarchal structure of many of the courtrooms she encounters and is not afraid to balance her work, family and growing political ambitions.

Alicia doesn’t fit into a box, but let’s put her in one anyway, shall we? What would the Internet think of Alicia? What would Zimbio’s What Decade Do You Really Belong In? quiz have to say about such a complex woman?


When Alicia finally gets a moment to herself and opens a bottle of wine at her kitchen island, there is no question that jazz is playing as she takes her first relaxing sip.



Alicia Florrick is no prude. She knows her body and how to use it for her advantage and pleasure. But she is also a professional and a budding politician and has a deep sense of propriety and appropriateness.


Neither work, watching the occasional smutty TV show, nor drinking wine were listed as options. So reading a book was the next best option.


While you won’t see Alicia cracking a copy of an Emily Post book any time soon, she has a practical understanding of decorum. Her years as a politician’s wife taught her well.



Alicia’s political ambitions are a new addition for Season 6 and they align well with how her character has evolved. Alicia really is joining politics because she thinks she can make a difference.

6. Choose a Button

Maybe the easiest question of the bunch. As Kirsten Leigh said, “Alicia would have run the shit out of a munitions factory.”

7. How do you keep in touch?

Alicia’s right in line with her generation when it comes to this. She has and uses a smart phone but spends her time on calls, not texting.

8. Sex Symbol

While I finally picked Marilyn, I had a problem with this question because I could find pieces of Alicia in almost all of these choices. The purposefulness sexiness of Rita Hayworth and Marilyn, the wholesome girl-next-door of Farrah Fawcett, the practiced poise of Cindy Crawford and Scarlett Johansson, Alicia Florrick combines all of these.

9. Vice

Alicia, like many people and almost all mothers on TV these days, likes to unwind with a glass of wine after work.

10. Bringing back a trend

Would Alicia bring back shoulder pads or nice gloves? I worried that gloves were too close to Jackie (Florrick, not O) but shoulder pads are so powerful woman cliche. But Alicia has no patience for cliches and would take shoulder pads back.


While I could do without the explanation Zimbio gives, I think this result is right on the money. Alicia’s arc is very similar to that of many women who became the breadwinners and professionals when the men went off to war. She is equal parts badass and feminine and would look pretty great in pin rolls.

The Good Wife returns to CBS on Sunday, January 4 at 9:00pm ET.