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The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story & the Limit of Nostalgia

For several weeks now, teasers and trailers for Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story have been popping up around the web, capitalizing on the 25th anniversary of the show’s debut to tell the shocking behind the scenes tales of the beloved denizens of Bayside High. Reporters have plagued the show’s former stars with questions about their involvement: Elizabeth […]

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Streaming Pilot Previews: Forever

For the past several years, networks have begun to make previews of their pilots available online weeks prior to premiere dates. It’s a smart move since it generates buzz for good shows, and allows more time for course correction in later episodes if a pilot misses the mark. We’ll be checking in with these pilots as they become available. The […]

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Review/Recap: The Honorable Woman, “The Empty Chair” (1×01)

The Honorable Woman

Sundance’s The Honorable Woman is a timely series, almost eerily so. The miniseries is set in London against the backdrop of Israeli/Palestinian political tensions. The first episode aired in the UK shortly after news of the three kidnapped Israeli teens hit the international media, an event that set off a series of attacks and reprisals between the two nations that […]

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