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Recap: The Honorable Woman, “The Mother Line” (1×06)

The camera rarely stops moving during conversations in “The Mother Line”. Whether it’s closing in on a brutalized Nessa or zooming out from a despondent Ephra, dropping its angle to show Anjelica’s dominance over Hugh, or focusing on Rachel while Ephra is speaking, the lens rarely settles comfortably on one person. So goes the story in the episode, as the […]

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Review/Recap: The Honorable Woman, “The Empty Chair” (1×01)

The Honorable Woman

Sundance’s The Honorable Woman is a timely series, almost eerily so. The miniseries is set in London against the backdrop of Israeli/Palestinian political tensions. The first episode aired in the UK shortly after news of the three kidnapped Israeli teens hit the international media, an event that set off a series of attacks and reprisals between the two nations that […]

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