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Recap: Outlander, “The Garrison Commander” (1×06)

If you still don’t believe that Tobias Menzies is incredible after “The Garrison Commander,” I may question your sanity. While it also featured some strong character work from Caitriona Balfe, this was Menzies’ episode through and through. I’ve raved about Menzies’ work on the site before, but without explaining why I’m such a fan of his performances. His turn as […]

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Recap: Outlander, “The Gathering” (1×04)

If there’s one central point driven home by “The Gathering” it’s that everyone in Castle Leoch is in a precarious position, no matter how certain his power or status appears. Colum’s physical ailment means that he’s dependent on his brother Dougal’s willingness to complete certain lairdly tasks without staging a coup. Despite Dougal and young Hamish’s apparent position as heirs […]

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