About Writing on the 4th Wall

We love TV. You probably do too. We believe it is undervalued as an artistic medium, even in this, its Third (and arguably best) Golden Age. We love discussing TV almost as much as watching it. Let’s talk about the art we love.

Writing on the 4th Wall provides an opportunity to think critically about and analyze television with all of its modern trappings. For the of sake argument, we consider “TV” to be any serialized program, regardless of what you use to watch it. And while we won’t shy away from snark, we believe this content deserves reasoned, thoughtful conversation.

We started Wot4thW because we wanted to justify the amount of time we spend watching TV. We’ll write about a combination of mainstream shows and shows that could most generously be called niche. But no Housewives. Of Anywhere. We have to draw the line somewhere.

Want to know more? Check out our post on Why We Write and our FAQ page.

Kirsten Leigh Hildonen

Kirsten Leigh is smart, abrasive, and a little bit edgy, and she likes her television the same way. Since her day job means traveling all around the world, she has to go to extraordinary lengths to keep up with her addiction to the dangerous men and difficult women of the small screen.

Most Likely to Be Watching: Television on anything but a television. I am the reason ratings are becoming obsolete.

Most Likely to Be Yelling At: Buffering. And clumsy exposition dumps.

Most Likely to Love: Dark, twisty, visually stunning dramas & single camera comedies teetering on the edge of cancellation.  

Kristin Marie Grages

Kristin Marie’s earliest childhood memory is sitting on the couch, nursing a hard-core rollerskating knee scrape, watching My Little Pony. While her coordination hasn’t much improved, she’d like to think her taste in TV has matured. Maybe. A little.

Most Likely to Be Watching: Sheriff Callie’s Wild West (I have a three year old. Don’t judge.)

Most Likely to Be Yelling At: FOX for canceling a perfectly good show. (Enlisted? Really?)

Most Likely to Love: Character-based, dialogue-heavy, exposition-light dramedies.